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Fall Fashion

Blogs are a-blazin’ with fall fashion wishlists.  Do we ever really outgrow the impulse for back-to-school shopping?  I think not.  Moms initiate the routine and then the Vogue September Issue (Grace Coddington!) picks up where they left off.

Sweaters, blazers, boots, blouses, scarves… and my gimme-gimme-gimme item – coats.  Not working this summer made me reprioritize my budget, with spending $ slated for  summer excursions, establishing our new apartment, and a bike (my “priorities” sure do seem like this*) but I’ve been on a strict retail diet.  I don’t even know the last time I went shopping, and let me tell you, I am jonsing somethin’ bad.

Below are some items I’ve been taunting myself with lately.  I think a new job requires some new attire, right?  You gotta look the part.  More fashion on my Pinterest board.

Asos Double Lapel // Emersonmade London Coat //J Crew (I wish it had the collar, this blue number isn’t so bad, either!)

These coats cost like 1/2 my annual income but I’m still going to continue to stare:

Joanna Hillman in Derek Lam  // Céline on Garance // Jenna Lyons** more Céline


Wrap’s Nordic Collection // JCrew? – similar widelegs at Madewell (so comfy!) // Topshop

Outfit love:  here // tweed blazer + stripes! // Similar shoes here by Jeffrey Campbell

Don’t forget to accessorize! 

Hermes belt (a girl can dream) // Erie Basin signet ring // Liya Kebede Scarves  // Silva Bradshaw rings // Kendra Scott earrings

* I completely realize that if a lack of shopping is my biggest problem, I’m at a pretty awesome place in life.  This quote has been resonating with me a lot lately:

“The secret to happiness in life is to be conscious of what is uniquely great about your current situation and put your focus there.”

This might deserve a whole post of its own in the near future. 

** Jenna Lyons, Jenna Lyons, JENNA LYONS.  This woman is my superhero (look at her home.  We share a love of the name Beckett!).  Her recent profile in New York magazine is a great read (“Jenna Lyons girl crush” brings up half a million Google hits.)

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"The secret to happiness in life is to be conscious of what is uniquely great about your current situation and put your focus there."



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