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DIY Design Book

Flipping through Grace Bonney’s newly-released Design*Sponge at Home book tonight mining for inspiration.  Everyone keeps asking about the progress we’ve made on decorating the apartment and I keep having to embarrassingly repeat that there is nothing new to report.  I don’t know what my deal is… but between this summer’s job hunt and now our commitment to fall weekend trips, I have zero motivation to paint, upholster, or construct a damn thing.  The disorganization and provisional methods are really beginning to take a toll on my mood at home though, so it’s probably time to start tackling a few projects.

Who IS that giant dork at Grace Bonney's book signing?

We are in need of new media storage, badly, immediately… like, yesterday.  I’m digging this “faux-denza” made by The Brick House out of Ikea cabinetry.  Ideally, I’d love to find a rosewood or teak mid-century modern credenza for under $200.  But, ideally, I’d also like to own a yacht and look like Heidi Klum.  Ain’t gonna happen. This seems like a decent substitute and the cabinets would provide us with some much-needed storage and hopefully not dominate the room since it floats.

While I’m flagging a bunch of pages in D*S at Home, there are quite a few house tours included that are really not my style.  *I just had an epiphany.*  Wouldn’t it be great to compile your own curated design-inspiration in bound-book form?!  Yes, yes – it would make more sense to just tear out the sheets I want from decor books and use a binder… but I find demolishing books sacrilege, and it just wouldn’t be as pretty (duh).  I’m basically talking about taking all my Pinterest boards and uploading them to somewhere like Blurb.  Digital just can’t compete with bound books.  Sigh, only I’m sure the photo quality from the web shots will be pretty poor when translated into print… wish I could get my hands on all the original hi-res, cmyk source photos.  Might still be worth the shot.

Well, wait… maybe it would work better than I thought!  Here is a link to turn your blog into a book!  Hmmm, but again, what photos are they using?  This may require further investigation…

Rambling:  I generally get all these great ideas for posts during the day and then after the commute and nightly routine I have no energy left to write, edit, image-process, etc.  Going to try being more fluid like this and not over-thinking posts… see what forms as I begin to type.  Apologizes in advance for annoying-as-hell typos, but my boyfriend is ordering me to start going to bed at “real people time” and proof-reading is boring...

Thursday is touching Friday

Dear Rain,

Please stop.  I’d like to enjoy my weekend outdoors, ideally in a similar situation as depicted in the above photo. 

Much love,


Contemplating going to Rhode Island Seafood Fest this weekend…. or painting my entry.  Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

Premature blog vacation

I’m a bad blogger.  I’m already neglecting this thing.  I had grand plans of putting up a few posts before Labor Day weekend but they were shelved once my excitement started mounting at the prospect of returning home to Chicago for a few days.  Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  We did end up flying home on Thursday and were able to see a bunch of friends and family before we drove back east (oy, road-trips are not my cup of tea) on Sunday.

This weekend we went from a zero-car household to double occupancy.  E’s corporate car finally arrived and the Chicago visit was largely so we could pick up our good ol’ trusty vehicle with a shiny new engine (begrudgingly courtesy of Audi’s warranty department) for me to start commuting to work this week!!  One of my many endorsements for city-living is the avoidance of commutes and owning a car but I couldn’t pass up this seemingly great opportunity that requires a 40 min drive.  Thankfully it’s a reverse commute and an extremely easy, not completely non-scenic drive.  After discussing it with a few friends, I’m even holding out a glimmer of hope that I might actually enjoy the time to drink coffee, listen to music/NPR/audio books… decompress.  It’s only 7 hours a week… in a car… I’ll just not sleep one night to make up the time.

We called these "tickle-belly hills" as kids

I just can’t believe the summer is already over and I’m finally starting this new job full-time!  The jitters are back and I’m anxious to get into a routine and fully understand the new role and accompanying responsibilities.  I have a feeling my posting is going to range from light to non-existent this week while I adjust to the schedule.  But I’m not giving up yet!  I lasted longer than the two weeks I initially estimated.  Plus, some of the Google search results that have drove traffic to my site have left me thoroughly amused (I’m talking about you “cat seenill porn” – do you think it was meant to be “senile”?  To each his own).  So I’m not throwing in the towel yet.  I just need to start planning ahead a bit more, be a little less verbose (I think daily exposure to humans versus solely my cats will cure this), and come up with a posting structure for motivation.

Don’t have time to write the posts I have marinating right now so I’ll just leave you with this little nugget.  I was flipping through the new catalog for design mecca Jayson Home and Garden and noticed this little guy:

Cute sofa for the completely reasonable price of $3,000.  No biggie.  Chump change.  *eyes roll*  Does it look familiar?  Rewind to my recent bike adventure to the Antique Market in Cambridge:

This was $200!  Of course it’s not identical but the overall silhouette is pretty darn close.  Even with new custom upholstery you’d be saving yourself gobs and gobs of moolah.  I hope she’s adopted by some nice family that realizes her full potential!

Have a glorious week to kick of September!  I’ll leave you with some link-love:

Cambridge Antique Market (Part II)

Here are a few of my favorite things I unearthed at the Antique Market and some inspiration photos that make me want to go back with my spending shoes on…

Gold, gold, gold.  Copper, brass, gold.  I love goooold!  I definitely want to add some metallic touches around the house and the above all fit the bill.  Eagle door knocker // Eagle convex mirror (inspiration photo below) // Small copper lamp, adorable in the foyer? // Silver-plated mini-glasses, fun addition to a bar cart

I’m smitten with the idea of hanging art or mirrors on bookcases.  Ideally, I’d love to just find a simple convex mirror for the task, but after a few searches I’m actually really liking the detailed eagle piece.  The Little Green Notebook gives tips on how to hang without damaging the wood of the bookshelves.


After visiting our friend’s parent’s (Bob and Kath’s) home in New York this weekend, I want to be British (and not just when I’m drunk and think I’ve nailed the accent).  Kath is originally from England and it is reflected all throughout her gorgeous home by the mixture of patterns (but mainly keeping a blue and white color scheme), nautical artwork, wire bed frames, and a garden complete with overgrown wildflowers (seriously, it is almost impossible not to feel at home there).  This is a big departure from the style I’m usually most drawn to and it’s making me rethink some of our plans (mostly, can we just move in with Bob and Kath?).

Most of the artwork hanging in our house is contemporary photography and prints.  I love a lot of the pieces but it can feel cold sometimes and I want to incorporate more organic elements.  I haven’t been able to get the below photo out of my mind for weeks.  Hanging a group of similar-toned vintage oil paintings takes the focus away from individual pieces (and their imperfections) and makes you view it as a singular installation.  Above are 3 pieces from the Market (all were around 3-4 ft and, if my memory serves me correctly, $100 with sales signs posted everywhere).  I also think it’d be great to stick to a theme – water (I’m a Cancer sign), portraits or floral (check out that amazing Van Gogh-esque piece below from an Apartment Therapy house tour – painted by her mom!).


Arist Sharon Dal Pozzo


Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their house?  One of our cats, Packer, thinks they are the tastiest snack in the world and won’t let a little thing like top-of-the-refrigerator placement stop him from indulging.  To our relief, since we’ve moved he’s cut back on this floral diet so we’ve been able to have a few arrangements around the house.  I’m so uninspired by my glass vases and keep using the same one over and over.  It took me a while to realize it was because it had a wide-mouth and allowed the arrangement to look more natural and less like a grocery-bouquet.  Above:  This champagne chiller would make a great vase (on sale it was about $20) and add that touch of glam I was referring to with the gold metallics at the top.  Inspired by photo below on Erin Ever After.

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