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Weekend Bits

I recently picked up this spiked Stella & Dot bracelet and haven’t taken it off in weeks! (The pink one is old from J.Crew.)

Good news – I finally found the elusive Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree that I’ve been lusting over at a local nursery! Bad news – it was $150 and severely damaged from the heat. Going to keep checking back this summer. They also had lemon trees, ferns, and exotic hanging plants. I cannot WAIT to get into a new apartment with better light. I can and will be crazy cat AND plant lady.

This giant ice-cube tray has made summer cocktail-concocting extremely fun (and your drink doesn’t dilute quickly)! We bought it at our favorite kitchen store in Portland, ME but you can get yours here.

Picked up a giant Heriz rug (11.5′ x 8.5′) for the living room at a Skinner auction for $350 (auction estimate was $700-900)! The colors are pretty distorted in this crappy photo but I like to force pics of my kitties on you.

Had two wonderful Chicago friends visit last weekend and we had a blast showing them New England outside of Boston. One of my favorite parts was taking them to Kennebunkport, ME and having a beer & lobster roll picnic on the beach at dusk! I love me some Maine. We just found out E’s sister and her husband are moving there in 2 weeks! Pretty excited!

Make Things.

Took a few glasses of wine to get the paintbrush working

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to Make Things. Paint, craft, DIY, sew, build, CREATE  (cooking excluded – I wanted to reach further out of my comfort zone). I finally busted open the acrylics on July 19. Better late than never?

I’ve always loved the idea of painting but my forays into figure drawing and studio classes have been pretty laughable. I’m no artist. But then I read this piece on Apartment Therapy about boosting your creative confidence (from a TED talk by David Kelley) and I’ve referenced it at least 5 times already. I have new hope. I’m going to quit being such a defeatist and commit once again to create more. I might not be able to make anything worthy of wall space… but I’ll focus on the therapeutic value.

Excerpts from the article worth committing to memory:

But recent research, including that in Jonah Lehrer’s recent book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, debunks the theory that creative types are born. New evidence points to the contrary: While creativity comes easily for some, it is a skill that can be honed and developed — by all.

… many adults “opt out” of creativity — a natural part of childhood — because they have come to believe that they are not good at it, or that it will not be lucrative. “That opting out [of creativity] that happens in childhood, he says, “moves in and becomes more ingrained by the time you get to adult life.”

The truth is, we are all creative — and creativity is critically important to health, happiness, self-worth, and innovation.

Rich Lady Arm Party

:: via sterling style ::

I love jewelry (I have like 5 pinboards dedicated to just looking at it) and yet I own very little. It always feels like an extravagant purchase for myself (even costume pieces) and I make up an excuse to buy “necessities” instead (shoes and jeans – first world “necessities”). Lately I’ve been obsessing over bold, gold, quality, statement bracelets. So let’s play a game called “I woke up a rich lady.” First, I’d grab me that McQueen piece pictured above. Next, I’d pick up this beaut by Pamela Love:

:: image via Jak & Jil ::

Good things come in threes so it’s only sensible to round it out with a Cartier Love bracelet. Did you know you have to screw these things on your wrists with a teeny-tiny solid gold screwdriver and they are meant to mimic a chasity belt. Since we’re pretending, I’d go ahead and buy two. (Seriously, don’t even look at the price of these. Just don’t. They are beyond my pretend rich lady game. These ascend into the land of fairies and unicorns and trust-funds.)

Instagram – Late to the party

After dropping my Droid in a bucket of water at the neighborhood florist last month, I finally succumbed to the iPhone. I held out for nearly a year after my contract expired because I didn’t want to give up my voice turn-by-turn Google map navigation (I don’t think I’d have survived my first year in Boston without it).

Now I have a bone to pick with all you Apple nerds. Why didn’t you express to me sooner exactly how awesome Instagram is?! It’s all I love about Facebook (photos) without all I hate about Facebook (politics, bad grammar, negativity, closed-mindedness, etc, etc, etc). You can follow me at hretzke.

Plus, I’ve been trying to trim down my Google Reader blog list because I’m never able to keep up and I’ve found a few photographers that are more interesting to follow on Instagram than their blogs. Score!

The Webster for Target: Grandpa PJs enter summer retirement

I can’t say for certain if it was the trailing giggle and knowing nod induced by the above comic or passing La Perla several times on my way into our downtown office – but I decided to spruce things up in the sleepwear department.

I know I already expressed my love of Grandpa PJs here – but since New Englanders seem to have a stubborn ambivalence towards central air, summer nights in our apartment call for a bit more skin.

While I can certainly appreciate the practicality in buying La Perla (you know, where one pair of undies costs more than a month’s rent), I decided to go the next best route – Tar-jaay. (“Target” to you uncivilized folk.) Only high-living ’round these parts.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of my finds! Target’s collaboration with The Webster boutique in Miami is in stores right now and I picked up this silk Palm/Flamingo robe with matching sheer chemise. This is super comfortable and throwing the robe on once I’m out of bed makes me feel less like a poser in cougar-lingerie (only slightly). I’m embracing my inner Mrs. Robinson.

The other brand I really liked was Gilligan & OMalley. They had a bunch of these silky, sheer sets with lace detail that fit great for the breastically-impaired.

The Webster also offers this super sheer Deco Print robe. Worn over the sets, it’s just as comfy as my Grandpa PJs but will probably get a little bit better reception in the boudoir… just a guess.

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