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My, what a pretty pantry you have…

Someday I hope these words are uttered to me. What can I say – I’m a lofty dreamer.

Our mini Cambridge kitchen doesn’t have cabinets, nor a pantry. It has one measly shelving unit for flatware and another for food staples. In theory, I love open shelving.  This theory was researched thoroughly in the land of Pinterest-impractical-unattainable-money-grows-on-organic-trees-ville. In practice, sometimes you end up with an assault on the eyeholes, like this:

Enter the “magical warehouse of possibilities” (street name: IKEA). I came across these glass canisters and filled 3 of those ginormouse blue tarp bags up faster than Ethan could say, “I hate this place,” ten times fast. Since last year when we replaced all of our tupperware for glass, I’ve been on a mission to mostly rid our kitchen of plastics. These came in 3 handy sizes, cheap enough to buy in mass, air-tight, and stackable! I was giddy for days after this Sunday project.

To keep the look clean, I took a label maker and marked the bottoms of the different types of flours and how many minutes for “al dente” on each pasta. Next up – spice rack.

I think even E would agree it was worth this torture.

Librarian Bun Chic?

1. Fun Bun: Until recently, I was content to leave ballerina buns to the professionals (namely, lithe models with razor sharp cheekbones and unnaturally dewy complexions). Then the hairstylist-from-hell entered into my life in a second failed attempt at finding a Boston salon and my hair was straight-up murdered. I’ll save you the rant on the color fiasco (how is it possible to leave with more roots?) but the breakage this sadist inflicted is beyond repair.

I have extremely fine hair which makes it susceptible to flyaways (and forces me into a constant battle to “Embrace Messy Hair” à la Bri Emery) but the more aggravating part is the giant rat’s nest that forms anytime my hair is wet. I learned at an early age that a wide-tooth comb and a hefty handful of conditioner was my lifelong morning routine cross-to-bear. Devil-woman ignored this wisdom and bleached, ripped, and burned my hair until I walked out of that salon with each individual hair broken (not exactly what I meant by “layers”).

1 / 2

Since I’m in denial and not ready to chop it all off yet, I’ve been trying to wash it less to combat the brittleness. Only problem is that super fine hair is not tussle-and-go, so (amateur) styling is mandatory. Enter the Fun Bun (and a sincere love of dry shampoo). In my variation, I pull the hair almost all the way through the ponytail and then secure the two ends together at the crown with bobby pins. I’ve tried the sock bun before but this is much easier to create volume and I prefer the relaxed look.

I should mention that E hates it. Okay, well, he’s commented a few times, “I prefer your hair down.” But I’m master of reading between the lines and know exactly what he means – “I’m embarrassed to be seen in public with that filthy, messy ‘do.” I’ve been chalking it up as a man repeller to justify my shameless frequent donning. But I can’t stop. I mean, I can deal with a decrease in sexytime for 2-minute hair prep! (Sorry, love.)

2. Lips: After reading a few reviews, I gave the new Revlon Lip Butters a whirl. Being a fair-complected blonde, I’m a lipstick fanatic. It’s my answer to you lucky brunettes and your dark, defining features (have you ever heard anyone say, “God, I just loove your translucent lashes!”). However, I tend to lay off the Nars in the winter months when moisture is at a premium. By title alone, Lip Butter seemed intriguing for these parched puckers. One of the only colors I could find in stock was Raspberry Pie. First thoughts – I like the consistency, it does moisturize a little, the price point is right, but the color fades relatively quickly. Overall, a good buy and I’ll try more colors.

3. Necklace: I’ve been wearing this piece from House of Harlow with button downs. It has me coveting a few other bib and collar necklaces:

1 (I also have this blouse. Another bona fide man-repellant!) / 2 / 3

4. Walls: We’ve been living in our apartment for 9 months and it has yet to “grow on me” (hell, it has yet to not make me want to vomit). I think I’ve already mentally checked out of here since I’ve had a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s “Grey Owl” sitting in the living room for months doing little more than collect dust. Sigh. All the work would seem worth it if only the end result could magically resemble my inspiration photo: 

5. Photography: Munich Flagpoles by Michael Parker.

Cowhide Christmas Tree Skirt

Yep, already 100% committed to using a cowhide or sheepskin as a Christmas tree skirt for next year! Tree skirts can be a bit too cutesy for my tastes and this is the perfect way to add a dash of glamour to your holiday decor.

Via A well traveled woman

I also love the idea of a sparse, asymmetrical (Charlie Brown-esque) tree like the two pictured above. It feels more modern and not so cookie-cutter and would be a nice pairing with the organic shape of a natural hide.

Does anyone know the species of tree pictured? I thought maybe Blue Spruce but after some Googling those seem much fuller.

P.S. I’m getting so excited for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

DIY Design Book

Flipping through Grace Bonney’s newly-released Design*Sponge at Home book tonight mining for inspiration.  Everyone keeps asking about the progress we’ve made on decorating the apartment and I keep having to embarrassingly repeat that there is nothing new to report.  I don’t know what my deal is… but between this summer’s job hunt and now our commitment to fall weekend trips, I have zero motivation to paint, upholster, or construct a damn thing.  The disorganization and provisional methods are really beginning to take a toll on my mood at home though, so it’s probably time to start tackling a few projects.

Who IS that giant dork at Grace Bonney's book signing?

We are in need of new media storage, badly, immediately… like, yesterday.  I’m digging this “faux-denza” made by The Brick House out of Ikea cabinetry.  Ideally, I’d love to find a rosewood or teak mid-century modern credenza for under $200.  But, ideally, I’d also like to own a yacht and look like Heidi Klum.  Ain’t gonna happen. This seems like a decent substitute and the cabinets would provide us with some much-needed storage and hopefully not dominate the room since it floats.

While I’m flagging a bunch of pages in D*S at Home, there are quite a few house tours included that are really not my style.  *I just had an epiphany.*  Wouldn’t it be great to compile your own curated design-inspiration in bound-book form?!  Yes, yes – it would make more sense to just tear out the sheets I want from decor books and use a binder… but I find demolishing books sacrilege, and it just wouldn’t be as pretty (duh).  I’m basically talking about taking all my Pinterest boards and uploading them to somewhere like Blurb.  Digital just can’t compete with bound books.  Sigh, only I’m sure the photo quality from the web shots will be pretty poor when translated into print… wish I could get my hands on all the original hi-res, cmyk source photos.  Might still be worth the shot.

Well, wait… maybe it would work better than I thought!  Here is a link to turn your blog into a book!  Hmmm, but again, what photos are they using?  This may require further investigation…

Rambling:  I generally get all these great ideas for posts during the day and then after the commute and nightly routine I have no energy left to write, edit, image-process, etc.  Going to try being more fluid like this and not over-thinking posts… see what forms as I begin to type.  Apologizes in advance for annoying-as-hell typos, but my boyfriend is ordering me to start going to bed at “real people time” and proof-reading is boring...

Thursday is touching Friday

Dear Rain,

Please stop.  I’d like to enjoy my weekend outdoors, ideally in a similar situation as depicted in the above photo. 

Much love,


Contemplating going to Rhode Island Seafood Fest this weekend…. or painting my entry.  Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

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