Karen Walker

Every time I see a pair of awesome, covetable sunglasses these days… I don’t even bother asking who makes them.  I already know they’re Karen Walker.  The first 3, 4, 8 times, I thought, “Hey, must be a pretty decent brand.”  Now after about the 35th time, I think, “Karen Walker is a bloody sunglasses genius!”  Here are a few chic blogger ladies that put a pair of exaggerated cat-eyes on my Wishlist:

Via This Time Tomorrow (this lady needs to start dressing me for work.)

Via Atlantic-Pacific (a blonde who knows how to layer)

Via The Glamourai (oh, hello alexander wang boots)

Via Cupcakes & Cashmere (pretty in neutral)

Via because im addicted (pic of Elin Kling)

{P.S.}  E is a sucker for a good ad campaign.  Anytime we see a clever billboard or commercial, he vows to give that company some of his money for the sole reason of not being dull.  I’m thinking the use of brooms/mops, platinum blondes, and vampires (last season) as models for Karen Walker Eyewear is unique enough to deserve some business, no?

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